Butyl sealant strip

Butyl sealant strip can be used for sealing a variety of joints in sheeting, guttering etc but please ensure the sheet surface is clean and dry before applying. They come in coils of 15metre lengths and is 9mm wide and 3mm thick. It is easy to apply as the tack holds it onto the surface of the metal and you simply peel off the paper backing when in position. Always cut the sealant at the end of a run with a scissors and allow adequate overlap when joining rolls. It can be applied in one or two strips and is generally used if a site is exposed and open to high winds/rain etc, then you are recommended to fit a butyl sealant strip between the side overlaps prior to stitching them together. You can also apply it to the sheets where they overlap each other end over end. This is particularly advisable if the roof has a low pitch and sheet joints might be susceptible to *capillary action.

*water runs back into the overlap instead of running away

Profile fillers

Profile Fillers, also known as "closures", provide a means of closing the cavities at the ridge and the eaves and exclude rain, snow, wind driven debris and birds although birds have been know to peck at these. They are supplied in pairs, the one half (eaves) is fitted underneath the sheet usually on the bottom of the run where It fills the gap between the underneath of the sheet and the wall plate and the other half (ridge) is fitted on the top of the sheet where It fills the gap between the top of the sheet and the underneath of the ridge capping or Bargeboard. The (eaves) half is held in place by the fasteners of the sheets fixed through the valley (trough) and the (ridge) half is held in place by the stitchers fixed through the edge of the ridge/barge and the crown of the sheet. To facilitate easier positioning of the ridge half of the filler block and ensure greater weather tightness, it is advisable to apply silicone on the top surface of the sheet where the filler block is situated underneath the Ridge capping. This helps to hold the filler blocks in position when fitting the Ridge capping and helps to ensure a weathertight seal when the silicone sets.

Butyl sealant strip

Butyl sealant strip

Profile filler

Profile Filler

Eaves filler in position

Eaves Filler

Ridge filler in position

Ridge Filler

Ventilated profile filler

Ventilated Profile Filler
For use with anti-condensation sheets